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We are committed to excellence!

AB Investment AG provides consultations on economic and business issues to Private, Public and Governmental companies and corporations as well as the individuals on a worldwide basis.

AB Investment AG is consulting in the opportunity of the capital acquisition to the clients who intent to invest thier own capital.

Advice is always based on a thorough review of all possible alternatives and, what if scenarios. This gives our clients the necessary comfort that the route we select is the most suited and attractive one through our excellent relationships with our partners.

We seek to be the advisor of choice for our clients and draw on our worldwide presence and industry leadership to develop a portfolio of offerings designed to serve the full spectrum of clients' needs.

While each of these services based on the core values:  commitment, teamwork, integrity, professional excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that have allowed us to enable our clients to succeed.

We declare that our activities do not contravene any of the following LAWS or any other illegal or criminal acts:

  • The Drug Trafficking Act of 1994;
  • The Criminal Act of 1988;
  • The Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act of 1989;
  • The Criminal Justice (International Cooperation) Act of 1990;
  • The Criminal Justice Act of 1993.
  • The Anti-Terrorism Act and the Patriot Act I and II, 2001