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Switzerland - an ideal combination of political and economic stability, lack of the interethnic conflicts and contradictions. Switzerland has long traditions of a political and military neutrality, however takes active part in the international cooperation, in its territory headquarters of many international organizations settles down.

Switzerland — one of the most developed and rich countries of the world. In 1815 the Vienna congress accepted guarantees of a neutrality of Switzerland. Since then she did not participate in one war and its banks never were exposed to plunder.

The national currency – Swiss Franc – represents an example of stability.

Switzerland — important world financial center. There are about 4 thousand financial institutions, including a set of branches of foreign banks function in the country. 35-40% of world property management and property of private and legal entities are the share of the Swiss banks. They have good reputation at clients thanks to a stable internal political situation, hard Swiss currency, and principle observance "bank secret". Switzerland, being a large exporter of the capital, takes the fourth place in the world after the USA, Japan, and Germany. Direct investments abroad make 29% of the Swiss gross domestic product.

The argument in favor of reliability of the Swiss banks is simple — they cannot be ruined as even if they participate in risky financial operations, these banks are in the country with stable legal, economic, financial, political system, offering the first-class services and service. The first private banks arose in Switzerland. Today there are more than 400 in the country.

The country is very attractive to placement of assets and investments.

Switzerland - high quality standards of life and rather low taxes.

Switzerland attracts a great number of wealthy foreigners from all over the world. Every tenth billionaire in the world lives in Switzerland.

Joint-Stock Company AB Investment AG was founded according to provisions of the Swiss obligatory code and a commercial law in 1989. According to the charter has the right to carry out financing, management and realization of real estate and capital investments.

AB Investment AG has developed a number of financial models, which are designed to fulfill our clients’ individual needs and requirements.

The Staff of AB Investment AG develops and executes a broad range of strategies and transactions for our clients. This substantial and diversified client base includes high net-worth individuals, corporations, financial institutions, Foundations, governments and others.

The advisory side of AB Investment AG can implement:

  • The financial and negotiating strategies for mergers & acquisitions;
  • Buyouts, divestitures, re-capitalization’s and restructuring;
  • Arrangement of the necessary financing for the transactions.
  • Client Services